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  1. Vincent T's rating of the film Boy A

  2. yelloww's rating of the film Boy A

  3. Marta's rating of the film Boy A

  4. Maria Claudia's rating of the film Boy A

    not bad Garfield, not bad..

  5. edrina's rating of the film Boy A

    Garfield's acting is everything. Love the setting and the cinematography that gives such a perfect vibe to the movie. Perfect colors for a movie full of anxiety. It tells everything bluntly without being over the top. It played with my emotions, kind of intensely, but it got me good.

  6. smndvdcl's rating of the film Boy A

    Brutal and profound. The fragility of young adulthood broken by the trials of youth is harrowingly portrayed.

  7. Adriano Rocha's rating of the film Boy A

    Wonderful performance by Andrew Garfield. The movie shows us, in the end, how judgemental people can be, after all we are all sinners in this world. Great story.

  8. Susana Bessa's rating of the film Boy A

    Put Andrew Garfield in the picture.

  9. Magda's rating of the film Boy A

    Really good story. Also liked Andrew Garfield and Peter Mullan.

  10. Ştefan Iancu's rating of the film Boy A

  11. Asa_Nisi_Masa's rating of the film Boy A

    Adore Garfield's acting in this one - very convincing.

  12. Insane Reverb's rating of the film Boy A

    I think it questions the whole idea of rehab/punishment system and puts a serious problem regarding public surveillance through media, cctv, photos and all that. Not to mention friendship based on identity. "This is the end of line, darling. For a moment I thought you were dead."

  13. Effendi Ben Smith-Malick's rating of the film Boy A

    Very well done character study. I was also surprised that they went so dark for the Peter Parker origin story. And making him British? Wow. Ballsy.

  14. galuh indri's rating of the film Boy A

    "But we have to keep looking forward, not back. Okay?"

  15. JaimeOBWK's rating of the film Boy A

    This film can show you that an evil person can overcome a rehab, the sympathy for the main character is unavoid, all his problems make us think twice after make a judgement. The directed and sequences are amazing, i love it.

  16. Emma Joye's rating of the film Boy A

    Very difficult subject to talk about, rehabilitation of a murderer. At one hand the movie shows a young man who wants to redeem himself for the mistake in his youth but on the other hand, he did help in killing a little girl. The movie makes you feel sympathy for the boy, and makes you think "why can't people understand he's trying to make it better" but when you put yourself in the other people's shoes...

  17. FCC 86's rating of the film Boy A

    "I cant go back being that other person because that other person is dead"

  18. BobaFett's rating of the film Boy A

    Another late night discovery on TV. The film explores rehabilitation, vigilantism and to a lesser extent today's media. By only revealing the protagonist's background step by step the viewer is placed in a situation similar to the people around him and has to deal with the same questions. Good acting.

  19. Tigrão's rating of the film Boy A

    Holy crap! That was an amazing film, so well directed and acted. The girl who plays Michelle is great, and, of course, Andrew Garfield is stunning.

  20. meerkate's rating of the film Boy A

  21. Jye Sherwell's rating of the film Boy A

    WOWEE! That was great! Really affecting, great performance from Garfield, well directed, nice cinematography. A really great film.

  22. danliofer's rating of the film Boy A

    This movie is full of questions that are hard to answer... If you get a second chance and you grab it, is it possible to survive swimming upstream, nevertheless how much you strive for it...

  23. mixn's rating of the film Boy A

    Great acting (by Garfield), nice colors, lousy dialogues. ★★★ overall.

  24. liesbet vanessche's rating of the film Boy A

    A great movie! I've heard loads about it, everyone saying it was really good but I didn't have any clue to what the story was about. I think it was good not to know. Andrew Garfield did some great acting. A really dark and depressing movie, you really feel bad for him. He just really isn't that boy anymore! I also think the relationship between Terry and Jack/Eric is really nicely portaited. Like father and son.

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