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  1. Photo of Yuliy Fayt

    Yuliy Fayt Director

  2. Photo of Vera Panova

    Vera Panova Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nikolay Burlyaev

    Nikolay Burlyaev Cast

  4. Photo of Natalya Bogunova

    Natalya Bogunova Cast

  5. Photo of Antonina Bendova

    Antonina Bendova Cast

  6. Photo of Tamara Konovalova

    Tamara Konovalova Cast

  7. Photo of Pavel Kormunin

    Pavel Kormunin Cast

  8. Photo of Valentina Chemberg

    Valentina Chemberg Cast

  9. Photo of Lyudmila Shagalova

    Lyudmila Shagalova Cast

  10. Photo of Yelizaveta Uvarova

    Yelizaveta Uvarova Cast

  11. Photo of Larisa Burkova

    Larisa Burkova Cast

  12. Photo of Nikolay Gubenko

    Nikolay Gubenko Cast

  13. Photo of Pyotr Gorin

    Pyotr Gorin Cast

  14. Photo of Pavel Kashlakov

    Pavel Kashlakov Cast

  15. Photo of Ivan Kuznetsov

    Ivan Kuznetsov Cast

  16. Photo of Vera Lipstok

    Vera Lipstok Cast

  17. Photo of Lyubov Malinovskaya

    Lyubov Malinovskaya Cast

  18. Photo of Vladimir Chumak

    Vladimir Chumak Cinematography

  19. Photo of Boris Chaikovsky

    Boris Chaikovsky Music