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  1. Photo of Anna Österlund Nolskog

    Anna Österlund Nolskog Director, Screenplay, Executive Producer Editing

  2. Photo of Charlie Gustafsson

    Charlie Gustafsson Cast

  3. Photo of Joakim Lang

    Joakim Lang Cast

  4. Photo of Palmira Koukkari Mbenga

    Palmira Koukkari Mbenga Cast

  5. Photo of Felicia Löwerdahl

    Felicia Löwerdahl Cast

  6. Photo of Sophie Adolfsson

    Sophie Adolfsson Cast

  7. Photo of Erik Haal

    Erik Haal Music

  8. Photo of Edvin Steen

    Edvin Steen Production Design

  9. Photo of Tove Österlund Nolskog

    Tove Österlund Nolskog Producer and Cinematography

  10. Photo of William Hovlin

    William Hovlin Sound

  11. Photo of Erik Jönsson

    Erik Jönsson Sound