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  1. Renton47's rating of the film Brad's Status

    Nothing objectionable here, but is Brad really the most worthy of our critical appraisal right now? It's such a precise indictment of this obliviousness, this entitlement, that you'll see its premise and agree early on. As such, it would have been nice to see more bite, or a subject whose revelations won't seem so contrived to the rest of us. 2.5

  2. Matt Richards's rating of the film Brad's Status

    Aside from wearing too much make-up Ben Stiller really puts his emotions bravely on the line here in this very topical look at ageing, jealousy, entitlement, self-worth and fulfilment. Supporting cast are all great, particularly Austin Abrams the son who provide the perfect teenage mumble and grounded balance for Dad. Never judge a book by it's status update. 3.5 stars

  3. Artemis's rating of the film Brad's Status

    Bittersweet and refreshingly neurotic, this one hits all the right notes without being superficial or condescending.

  4. smokescreen's rating of the film Brad's Status

  5. bryanvmh's rating of the film Brad's Status

    God, just shut up mid-life crisis Ben Stiller

  6. paul_quixote's rating of the film Brad's Status

    A deeply uncomfortable investigation of male delusion. Very good. My critique: it doesn't quite add up that the wife and son would have so much love for such a narcissistic neurotic. The wife character was ridiculously underdeveloped and probably shouldn't have been a character in the main narrative. It would've worked well if she was just a voice in the opening scene and then only featured in the flashbacky moments.