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  1. Aardsy's rating of the film Brainstorm

    You have a fisheye lens, you use it, damn it.

  2. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film Brainstorm

  3. Landen Celano's rating of the film Brainstorm

    How is this movie not a thing? It has one of the best sci-fi conceits in the last fifty years. It kills me to think what kind of masterpiece we've been stripped of by studio intervention. So compelling. So interesting.

  4. Ryuu Baron's rating of the film Brainstorm

  5. William's rating of the film Brainstorm

    Short of seeing a print, you should watch the blu-ray of this to get some semblance of the original conception of Douglas Trumbull. Even in this home format the shifting aspect ratio/70mm ideas are very effective and thrilling. A very fun film overall. Reminiscent of Leo McCarey's My Son John in that it becomes somewhat incoherent at the end due to the death of its star (Natalie Wood) during production.

  6. MARK IS SUSPENDED IN GAFFA's rating of the film Brainstorm

    Scientists can record and playback people's experiences: "Inception" before "Inception"--and better, I feel! A big screen must-see: the major shifts in aspect ratio throughout the film shall be lost on television. This is a dazzling big screen experience, hardly surprising considering it was directed by Douglas Trumbull (visual effects supervisor on films such as "Blade Runner" and "2001: A Space Odyssey").

  7. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film Brainstorm

    Esta pelicula es una de las grandes desapercibidas de la Ciencia Ficción, quizas el tono de los 80's y un par de tomas absurdas le restan algunos puntos pero la banda sonora, la historia y actuaciones la perfilan como una gran pelicula de revisión obligada para el amante el género.

  8. Xesus Duarte Patiño Rumbo's rating of the film Brainstorm

    The way that this movie was made is just awesome! strange days before strange days!

  9. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Brainstorm

    Centers around intriguing scientific ideas and characters, though it's not without its moments of visual spectacle with some great special effects. The performances and pacing are uneven, and there are some cheesy touches toward the end, but the story is strong enough to keep it consistently compelling. The aspect ration gimmick doesn't work quite as well on the small screen, though.