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Ratings & Reviews

  1. riraru's rating of the film Brand

    Bei diesem Film kamen keine Tiere zu schaden, aber alle Menschen. Das Ende zwar einen Tick too much, aber trotzdem vier Sterne wegen dem Bierbichler Josef.

  2. klofter's rating of the film Brand

    A competently told caper. No wheel is being reinvented here but this is further proof that arthouse and entertainment are not mutually exclusive at all. Bierbichler, of course, is fantastic.

  3. p5k's rating of the film Brand

    An interesting film which has its really thrilling moments and an unpredictable ending. Quite a lot of product placement in this one.

  4. Michael Nisi's rating of the film Brand

    Pretty decent Audi commercial.

  5. mia's rating of the film Brand

    This film is a surprisingly solid and classical film noir with an intelligent cliche cast. Camera, setting and costume goes like hand in hand for an oppressive atmosphere. And of course here is a one-man-show from Josef Bierbichler as the tragic antihero. Give it a try!