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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Brassed Off

    Plainly realised and rather unsubtle critique of coal mine closures with a sentimentalisation of situation but shot through with righteous anger about loss of community. Partisan politics aside, it's probably the best of a small number of more recent British films on industrial decline with a less fanciful narrative providing the comedy than found in The Full Monty or Pride.

  2. pluviosity's rating of the film Brassed Off

    policy, statistic and all that, people are not number.

  3. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film Brassed Off

    Pete Postlethwaite, 1945 - 2011. He was excellent.

  4. Ssssssss's rating of the film Brassed Off

    Really good film pulls your heart strings and also gives you a laugh and makes you care for the characters really good performances from mcgregor and the late great pete postlethwaite