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  1. Photo of Brian Gibson

    Brian Gibson Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Phil Daniels

    Phil Daniels Cast

  3. Photo of Hazel O'Connor

    Hazel O'Connor Cast

  4. Photo of Jon Finch

    Jon Finch Cast

  5. Photo of Jonathan Pryce

    Jonathan Pryce Cast

  6. Photo of Peter-Hugo Daly

    Peter-Hugo Daly Cast

  7. Photo of Mark Wingett

    Mark Wingett Cast

  8. Photo of Gary Tibbs

    Gary Tibbs Cast

  9. Photo of Charles Wegner

    Charles Wegner Cast

  10. Photo of Jim Broadbent

    Jim Broadbent Cast

  11. Photo of Richard Griffiths

    Richard Griffiths Cast

  12. Photo of Paul McCartney

    Paul McCartney Cast

  13. Photo of Stephen Goldblatt

    Stephen Goldblatt Cinematography

  14. Photo of Evan Hercules

    Evan Hercules Production Design

  15. Photo of Davina Belling

    Davina Belling Producer

  16. Photo of Clive Parsons

    Clive Parsons Producer

  17. Photo of Dodi Fayed

    Dodi Fayed Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Michael Bradsell

    Michael Bradsell Editing

  19. Photo of Ian Fuller

    Ian Fuller Sound

  20. Photo of Lorna Hillyard

    Lorna Hillyard Costume Design

  21. Photo of Monica Howe

    Monica Howe Costume Design