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  1. Photo of Domingos Oliveira

    Domingos Oliveira Screenplay

  2. Photo of Domingos de Oliveira

    Domingos de Oliveira Cast, Director Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Priscila Rozenbaum

    Priscila Rozenbaum Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fábio Junqueira

    Fábio Junqueira Cast

  5. Photo of Ricardo Kosovski

    Ricardo Kosovski Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Ribeiro

    Maria Ribeiro Cast

  7. Photo of Nanda Rocha

    Nanda Rocha Cast

  8. Photo of Paulo Violeta

    Paulo Violeta Cinematography

  9. Photo of Paulo Costa

    Paulo Costa Music and Sound

  10. Photo of Fernando Meirelles

    Fernando Meirelles Production Design and Producer

  11. Photo of Clélia Bessa

    Clélia Bessa Producer

  12. Photo of Natara Rey

    Natara Rey Editing

  13. Photo of José Rubens

    José Rubens Editing

  14. Photo of Ronald Teixeira

    Ronald Teixeira Costume Design