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  1. leonordbatista's rating of the film Breathless

  2. Huey McEvoy's rating of the film Breathless

    Michel may be out of breath, but it's Patricia who's out of her depth as the feckless hipster who - insouciantly, natch - smokes her way around freewheelin' Paris and falls for the Gallic charm and Gaulloises stench of a narcissistic cop killer. They both realise the error of their ways too late, as Godard jump cuts his shopping trolley camera through Paris' boulevards and into film history.

  3. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Breathless

    4.5/5 - Godard weaves moments of youthful philosophizing and faux-fantasy, all an exercise for his infamous hyper-stylish cutting approach to storytelling, playing with the film's frames like great free jazz's musicians toyed around with their time signatures. The almost improvisational cadence at which the images bounced off from one another was, at times, so intense and frenetic, it left me in a near fugue state.

  4. Dean Simons's rating of the film Breathless

    I love most parts about the film but I wasn’t emotionally invested in the characters. From the music, to the camera styles, the framing and approach, I loved this film - I just wish it really satisfied me.

  5. Cartaphilus's rating of the film Breathless

  6. MANY THINGS's rating of the film Breathless

  7. Inteleter's rating of the film Breathless

    Thought this was just OK. Would probably have liked this more if Godard didn't attempt to portray the main character as being cool. Jean Seberg is good though and she manages to make this bearable.

  8. Pippington's rating of the film Breathless

    At the very least a fantastic look around Paris in the late fifties. Incredible. Lots of strangely dressed people smoking furiously. Beautiful film quality - opalescent monochrome. Some very evocative jazz, too.

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Breathless

    Although I am not usually a fan of Godard, this is one of the best I have seen from him. I still don't love it as much as many others do, but Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg ooze cool and effortless appeal throughout, the former managing to do so even while portraying quite a nasty character.

  10. ela orleans's rating of the film Breathless

    two dull but good looking characters shot with the loving eye of the cameraman. this film made some impression on me when I was 17. It's been a while.

  11. DenoResandono's rating of the film Breathless

    This is the first time I watched Jean-Luc Godard's movie. BREATHLESS is indeed one of the great French New Wave out there. The storytelling itself is quite simple and easy to follow. But Godard did some modification on its technical aspects and the result is remarkable. BREATHLESS is a very good start if you wanna know about French New Wave movement. BREATHLESS is also has a stellar performance from its cast. Great!

  12. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Breathless

    Yes, I can see this is well made. But the lead character is such a misogynist, and doesn’t give two hoots about his behaviour (from general rudeness to murder), so this tainted my enjoyment of the film.

  13. Tja's rating of the film Breathless

    Inhale. A Godard monochrome classic dominated by newsprint. He's always reading one or wiping his shoes with it. She's living dangerously selling the Washington Tribune from the middle of the road while flirting with the hapless thug, Michel. There's a lot of running and driving in the sun. But a casual murderer is still just that, as Patricia eventually understands. Exhale.

  14. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Breathless

    To put it simply - powerful piece of cinema. Experiments with film structure and form. Funny, inventive dialogs, great performances... wait what am I doing? Explaining why Breathless is fucking great? It's just is, deal with it. P.S. Jean Seberg is gorgeuos! Belmondo is so charming!

  15. conny's rating of the film Breathless

    paper thin. outdated. his incoherent ramblings and her self obsessions, a couple of typical teenagers. they're beautiful and shallow. may have been a bang on release but now its tiresome: too much time on their faces. the music comes from another film in another room, and constant cigarettes. 1st Bonnie and Clyde, perhaps. cared nothing for either of them. is that what Godard wanted. maybe he didn't know too. merde!

  16. Eoin Gleeson's rating of the film Breathless

  17. redux's rating of the film Breathless

    I do see the point. Dad's cinema needed a kick in the ass. But I would have preferred somebody not entirely reliant on a cool jazz soundtrack to sell his dadaism-light.

  18. Danny Mansfield's rating of the film Breathless

    Its visual sharpness and jazzy tone make for a fun experience. The ending is memorable too. Just wish there was a bit more to the plot.

  19. Ximena Rubio's rating of the film Breathless

  20. HALLENSLEBEN's rating of the film Breathless

    there's (still) nothing not to love

  21. bucharestaesthetics's rating of the film Breathless

  22. Alex Shuster's rating of the film Breathless

    It's Godard. The film cannot be explained, only witnessed. I personally dislike Godard's ideas but this film brought ideas to my mind that felt too true and the editing was superb!

  23. _shalashaska_'s rating of the film Breathless

  24. Walker's rating of the film Breathless

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