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  1.'s rating of the film Breezy

    (...) Eastwood hat einen sehr charmanten Film gemacht, der das Mysterium der Liebe erforscht. Breezy handelt darüber hinaus vom Älterwerden und wie man sich dieses gewisse Etwas bewahrt. Ein fröhlicher Film, den ich mir jetzt zum zweiten Mal angesehen habe. (Dazu gibts unsere Auswahl an Hippie Filmen der 60er/70er Jahre als Film List auf

  2. Dorabella's rating of the film Breezy

    I was like...this was directed by Clint Eastwood...HUH?? But it was super adorable. I LOVE age gap movies...

  3. mjgildea's rating of the film Breezy

    Horrible, simply horrible. As much as the idea of Clint Eastwood directing William Holden excites me on paper, it goes straight to hell once the cameras roll. I get that Eastwood may have felt the need to do something different, but god damn! An occasionally topless Kay Lenz kind of soothed things over until the end but Breezy was just a cliched waste.

  4. Altero's rating of the film Breezy

    “I never woke up in the morning and had to look at someone that made me sorry that I was there… But I bet you have.”

  5. Kermit The frog's rating of the film Breezy

    Pure fuck. Girl was ok hot but very stupid. i think it was chesy as chese get. plese dont wach this movie. Sometimes it makes me laugh like the bad actor dog. also when girl runs. she runs unseriuosliy

  6. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Breezy

    Such a sensual, sentimental film. For those who're not fans of Eastwood's tough guy, anti-hero stuff, this will be a surprising departure.