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  1. Photo of Ken Cameron

    Ken Cameron Director

  2. Photo of Sue Smith

    Sue Smith Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Alsop

    John Alsop Screenplay

  4. Photo of Brenda Fricker

    Brenda Fricker Cast

  5. Photo of Sandy Gore

    Sandy Gore Cast

  6. Photo of Josephine Byrnes

    Josephine Byrnes Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Hensley

    Lisa Hensley Cast

  8. Photo of Naomi Watts

    Naomi Watts Cast

  9. Photo of Kym Wilson

    Kym Wilson Cast

  10. Photo of Philip Quast

    Philip Quast Cast

  11. Photo of Simon Burke

    Simon Burke Cast

  12. Photo of Melissa Jaffer

    Melissa Jaffer Cast

  13. Photo of Melissa Thomas

    Melissa Thomas Cast

  14. Photo of Caroline Gillmer

    Caroline Gillmer Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Craig

    Michael Craig Cast

  16. Photo of Anne Tenney

    Anne Tenney Cast

  17. Photo of Russell Crowe

    Russell Crowe Cast

  18. Photo of Louise Pajo

    Louise Pajo Cast

  19. Photo of Pat Bishop

    Pat Bishop Cast

  20. Photo of Syd Conabere

    Syd Conabere Cast

  21. Photo of Michelle Pettigrove

    Michelle Pettigrove Cast

  22. Photo of Penny Stehli

    Penny Stehli Cast

  23. Photo of Joy Hruby

    Joy Hruby Cast

  24. Photo of Beth Champion

    Beth Champion Cast

  25. Photo of Pippa Grandison

    Pippa Grandison Cast

  26. Photo of James Bartle

    James Bartle Cinematography

  27. Photo of Mario Millo

    Mario Millo Music

  28. Photo of Marcus North

    Marcus North Production Design

  29. Photo of Sue Masters

    Sue Masters Producer

  30. Photo of Penny Chapman

    Penny Chapman Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Liam Miller

    Liam Miller Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Tony Kavanagh

    Tony Kavanagh Editing

  33. Photo of Nicholas Wood

    Nicholas Wood Sound

  34. Photo of Annie Marshall

    Annie Marshall Costume Design