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  1. wiwitaek's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    Looking forward to watch the earlier version. Any idea where to find it?

  2. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    I have to agree with you Cat, I saw this at TIFF and enjoyed much about it but it left me wanting. I love Helen Mirren and John Hurt, good direction...still a let down. The Q&A after the fest was great, Mirren is such a charmer.

  3. Terri Wise's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    Not as good as the book, but worth seeing.

  4. Cromm Crúaich's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    Quite enjoyable, good performances all round.

  5. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    Angry young man kitchen sink seedy British noir. Ain't half bad, could use less flash.

  6. Tigrão's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    Loved it. Gorgeously shot, well acted (Riley is really good, but Riseborough is amazing).

  7. spartacula's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    on it's own merit, it had the cinematography and soundtrack of what shoud be expected of a modern remake... but the attenborough version is far superior in character performances alone.

  8. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    This movie could have been excellent had it not been for the fact that the director completely forgets to sell the romance between Pinkie and Rose to the audience. Not for a moment do I believe that a girl like Rose would fall for, let alone marry, a thug like Pinkie. I'm sure this is better explained in the book but I just can't believe such an accomplished movie could fail on a count like this. What a waste!!!!!!

  9. Everaldo Amorim's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    Tends to 2.8 Good movie, but nothing really special. Brits always exaggerate on reviews about nationally produced films!

  10. Tom Barnard's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    This is well-made, if not utterly misguided filmmaking. The entire reasoning behind the novel is in Pinkie's devout Catholicism. Here, it's skimmed over. I know the original movie adaptation changed the ending, but to do it again here is a crime. How can you remove something as dark and haunting as Rose going towards "the greatest horror of all"?

  11. pivic's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    I think the scenes were visually and musically interesting but I never felt drawn into the film, which never let me under the skin of the characters; the biggest crime as far as this film is concerned, is that the characters - masterfully written in the book - have turned out two-dimensional, archetypal stereotypes.

  12. sami's rating of the film Brighton Rock

    The film is very well acted, beautifully shot (the classic film noir aesthetic works for me all the time) and scored (great original music by Martin Phipps). Even though on papers Pinkie is the hero, this version of Brighton Rock is very much Rose’s story — I don’t know how much that is due to the script but what was clear to me is that Andrea Riseborough totally owns the film. She’s a revelation.