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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Brimstone and Treacle

    A scabrous and naughty riff on fairly simple notions of wickedness and good coming from bad. It's probably the most satisfying of Potter's visitation dramas (see also the earlier Angels Are So Few or Schmoedipus). The left wing tub-thumping irks a little but the blackly playful tone is caught better than in the film version a few years later.

  2. mubianer's rating of the film Brimstone and Treacle

    Dated, but still very unpleasant and shocking.

  3. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Brimstone and Treacle

    Dennis Potter's perhaps darkest "Play for a Day" episode, clearly propagating left-wing politics, was banned for nearly a decade. Sure, having the devil come into one's home only to be taken advantage of (including raping the vegetable daughter) is rather shocking. What is more shocking: the rhetoric surrounding this piece shadows the campaign trail of GOP presidential nominee leader, the devil himself, decades later