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  1. Justepourmesouveniraprès's rating of the film Britannia Hospital

    Quel beau film! Très drôle et au même temps subtil, satirique, amer. Meme si on y trouve plein de clichés, ils sont toujours employés très consciemment et la plupart du temps avec ironie. Ici toutes les couches sociales sont caricaturées et les idées, les principes et les comportements, étant exagérés, dévoilent beaucoup de vérités.

  2. Tamuna Barbakadze's rating of the film Britannia Hospital (David Bowie - Jump, They Say) <3 <3

  3. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Britannia Hospital

    Starts off as a clever, quirky British satire with an able cast of colorful characters. Then there's one scene that sends the whole thing spiraling off onto a another glorious level of strangeness. Turns out this cult oddity is the last of a trilogy which I will now need to seek out, though I can't imagine they end up going as weird as this one.

  4. Westley's rating of the film Britannia Hospital

    Prophetic. It's a bit of a mess, and a bit obvious in some of its attacks. But that doesn't make it any less truthful. Oh, and the ending; what a great ending.

  5. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Britannia Hospital

    A turgid mess with many of its crude broad-sides taking pitifully short fire at modern Britain. Enjoyable in short bursts, but Anderson directs with such cross-eyed furious indignation, he forgets to sugar his poisoned pill with much comedy.

  6. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Britannia Hospital

    Delirious, rousing, brilliant conclusion to his Mick Travis cycle. Lindsay Anderson may had to end his career in another country but I'm glad his last film in England was so full of the revolutionary fervour that powered his early work. It might not be If.... but it is an outraged artist's last bullet and its aim is true.