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  1. Photo of Sofia Norlin

    Sofia Norlin Director

  2. Photo of Petrus Sjövik

    Petrus Sjövik Cinematography

  3. Photo of Nicolas Bancilhon

    Nicolas Bancilhon Editing

  4. Photo of Philip Bergstrom

    Philip Bergstrom Editing

  5. Photo of Conny Nimmersjö

    Conny Nimmersjö Music

  6. Photo of Anna-Karin Unger

    Anna-Karin Unger Music

  7. Photo of Erik Guldager

    Erik Guldager Sound

  8. Photo of Gábor Pasztor

    Gábor Pasztor Sound

  9. Photo of Kalle Camnert

    Kalle Camnert Sound

  10. Photo of Måns Hansson

    Måns Hansson Sound

  11. Photo of Liv Ulfsdottir

    Liv Ulfsdottir Production Design

  12. Photo of Emma Skoog

    Emma Skoog Production Design

  13. Photo of Olivier Guerpillon

    Olivier Guerpillon Producer

  14. Photo of Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs

    Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs Cast

  15. Photo of Lina Leandersson

    Lina Leandersson Cast

  16. Photo of Alfred Juntti

    Alfred Juntti Cast

  17. Photo of Ella Nordin

    Ella Nordin Cast

  18. Photo of Jenny T Sandberg

    Jenny T Sandberg Cast

  19. Photo of Pär Andersson

    Pär Andersson Cast

  20. Photo of Robin Edholm

    Robin Edholm Cast

  21. Photo of Alexandra Dahlström

    Alexandra Dahlström Cast

  22. Photo of Sven Björklund

    Sven Björklund Cast