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  1. Photo of Pavel Chukhray

    Pavel Chukhray Director

  2. Photo of Vojtěch Jasný

    Vojtěch Jasný Director

  3. Photo of Marcel Lozinski

    Marcel Lozinski Director

  4. Photo of Luis Puenzo

    Luis Puenzo Director

  5. Photo of János Szász

    János Szász Director

  6. Photo of Steven Spielberg

    Steven Spielberg Executive Producer

  7. Photo of James Moll

    James Moll Producer

  8. Photo of Jack Fuchs

    Jack Fuchs Cast

  9. Photo of Liza Zajak-Novera

    Liza Zajak-Novera Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Lamberg

    Robert Lamberg Cast

  11. Photo of Benjamin Mehl

    Benjamin Mehl Cast

  12. Photo of Alejandro Horvath

    Alejandro Horvath Cast

  13. Photo of Hugo Primero

    Hugo Primero Editing

  14. Photo of Andrés Goldstein

    Andrés Goldstein Music

  15. Photo of Daniel Tarrab

    Daniel Tarrab Music

  16. Photo of John Ballon

    John Ballon Cast

  17. Photo of Christopher Pavlick

    Christopher Pavlick Cast

  18. Photo of José Luis Díaz

    José Luis Díaz Music