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  1. James Mackin's rating of the film Broken

    Both horrified me, and taught me an important life lesson, that it can be possible to find happiness in slavery. So thanks to all involved, I guess?

  2. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Broken

  3. Zoe Wanda Margot's rating of the film Broken

  4. dethgrul's rating of the film Broken

    cant believe this is on here! awesome! uhh, so, totally fucking creepy. i remember watching this with a friend of mine who, while a pretty 'buff' dude, was freaked out by this.. it was hilarious. as for this whole thing though, its really dark & brutal. was probably way too young to see something like this. the way it was put together was pretty brilliant though. there should be more snuff music movie compilations.

  5. laurabot's rating of the film Broken

    I saw a bootleg VHS too! Ah, those were good times.

  6. bencor's rating of the film Broken

    a sneaky friend copied the opening of a muppet movie before dubbing this on vhs for me. bless the 90's