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  1. DebraM's rating of the film Bronson

    I found this a very clear poke at celebrity culture. An incredibly stylish film, utterly manic, ultra-violent and with a soundtrack to die for. It lacked a little in narrative substance but Tom Hardy is amazing!

  2. nasi0611's rating of the film Bronson

    Bloody brilliant! This is EXACTLY why I subscribe to MUBI

  3. Krish sanghvi's rating of the film Bronson

    That walker brothers song in the beginning is incredible!!! Kind of personifies the entire film’s mood!!

  4. Noah Hunt's rating of the film Bronson

    Tom Hardy's breathtaking performance of 'Britain's Most Violent Prisoner' Charles Bronson is one not to be missed. Heavily stylised and beautifully shot, this film doesn't aim to tell the 100% accurate story of Bronson, but instead replaces facts with emotion and gripping scenes of beauty

  5. Pango's rating of the film Bronson

    What a performance. What an iconic character. What a soundtrack. Great story of a misunderstood "artist"

  6. Vince Wynne's rating of the film Bronson

    Bizarre, fascinating character study. Tom Hardy gives one of the greatest acting performances ever.

  7. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Bronson

    Provocing only if one doesn't know what provocation is.

  8. Alberto's rating of the film Bronson

    Let me brutalise you. Outro realizador filofascista que impõe a sua verdade através do espetáculo da violência primitiva, recorrendo à pseudo-catarse coletiva - e vomitiva - do "based on a true story". Há duas coisas inquestionáveis, no entanto: o juízo sobre o Charlton Heston, e a qualidade da banda sonora.

  9. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Bronson

    This film is a madness an a breathtaking experience - the reason why I love the art of cinema. Everything fits perfectly, especially how the the visuals are cut to the music... and how Refn plays with its semantics.

  10. nuserky's rating of the film Bronson

    I like this film. MUBI has two many films with hour long scenes where nothing happens and you are bored to death. This film is different. I enjoyed every minute of it. Ebbe K

  11. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Bronson

    Masculinity, mythos, and the bubble of private imagination that gets bred from a life spent in isolation. At times awkward, consistently uneven, and with an ending that felt like it needed another reel. But despite all this a brilliant performance from Tom Hardy, and a sense of look and art direction might just maybe might make this NWR's most subtle work. Which is saying something in and of itself.

  12. Mar J's rating of the film Bronson

  13. Diogo Pires's rating of the film Bronson

    looking at it as Hardy's brilliant performance plus Refn's style it's a great film.

  14. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Bronson

    2.4 Top performance in a somewhat aimless film. No real story, but a lot of references to Clockwork Orange (a film which, unlike this, had a point).

  15. Enkiled's rating of the film Bronson

    Typical Refn, stylistically emphatic, impulsive and reckless about everything else. Still my guilty pleasure director

  16. spasmolytic's rating of the film Bronson

    The fourth wall breaking didn't do it for me.

  17. bonucci's rating of the film Bronson

  18. Vincent T's rating of the film Bronson

  19. Eugénie's rating of the film Bronson

    Tom Hardy is insane, the editing is unusual and beautiful, the images are wonderful.

  20. Bastien G.'s rating of the film Bronson

  21. Rubis's rating of the film Bronson

    je connaissais pas le type.

  22. harringtonellie's rating of the film Bronson

    For an aspiring Cinematographer, stylistically and visually this film makes me want to run around Larry Smith in circles worshiping him, then climb into his head and look out of his eyes and see how the magic happens (in a film way, not a sex way, ya filthy animals) Also, Tom Hardy is so good (and ya can see his willy at the end...whose the filthy animal now.)

  23. Pierre.F's rating of the film Bronson

    Mon premier Winding Refn et c'était archi cool. Le rôle est endossé par Tom Hardy avec brio. Le personnage est à la fois bien campé et toujours un peu indécis avec notamment les multiples strates de narration qui semble souligner la folie du personnage. L'emprisonnement accroît la folie du personnage dans son désir de gloire et de reconnaissance : il trouve en la prison un meilleur asile.

  24. BUTTAUD's rating of the film Bronson

    Don't really know what to think except that I've just seen an incredible movie that knocked me out.

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