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  1. Photo of Darrol Blake

    Darrol Blake Director

  2. Photo of Sue Butterworth

    Sue Butterworth Director

  3. Photo of Richard Standeven

    Richard Standeven Director

  4. Photo of Chris Clough

    Chris Clough Director

  5. Photo of Jeremy Summers

    Jeremy Summers Director

  6. Photo of Peter Boisseau

    Peter Boisseau Director

  7. Photo of Bob Carlton

    Bob Carlton Director

  8. Photo of Patrick Tucker

    Patrick Tucker Director

  9. Photo of Jimmy McGovern

    Jimmy McGovern Screenplay

  10. Photo of Valerie Georgeson

    Valerie Georgeson Screenplay

  11. Photo of Susan Pleat

    Susan Pleat Screenplay

  12. Photo of Sue Johnston

    Sue Johnston Cast

  13. Photo of Ricky Tomlinson

    Ricky Tomlinson Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Usher

    Paul Usher Cast

  15. Photo of Simon O'Brien

    Simon O'Brien Cast

  16. Photo of Shelagh O'Hara

    Shelagh O'Hara Cast

  17. Photo of Doreen Sloane

    Doreen Sloane Cast

  18. Photo of Jim Wiggins

    Jim Wiggins Cast

  19. Photo of Nigel Crowley

    Nigel Crowley Cast

  20. Photo of Katrin Cartlidge

    Katrin Cartlidge Cast

  21. Photo of Amanda Burton

    Amanda Burton Cast

  22. Photo of Rob Spendlove

    Rob Spendlove Cast

  23. Photo of Brian Regan

    Brian Regan Cast

  24. Photo of Bill Dean

    Bill Dean Cast

  25. Photo of Ray Dunbobbin

    Ray Dunbobbin Cast

  26. Photo of Betty Alberge

    Betty Alberge Cast

  27. Photo of Dicken Ashworth

    Dicken Ashworth Cast

  28. Photo of Alexandra Pigg

    Alexandra Pigg Cast

  29. Photo of Danny Webb

    Danny Webb Cast

  30. Photo of Anna Keaveney

    Anna Keaveney Cast

  31. Photo of Cliff Howells

    Cliff Howells Cast

  32. Photo of Tony Scoggo

    Tony Scoggo Cast

  33. Photo of Malcolm Tierney

    Malcolm Tierney Cast

  34. Photo of David Easter

    David Easter Cast

  35. Photo of Sheila Grier

    Sheila Grier Cast

  36. Photo of Mark Burgess

    Mark Burgess Cast

  37. Photo of Gillian Kearney

    Gillian Kearney Cast

  38. Photo of John McArdle

    John McArdle Cast

  39. Photo of Kate Fitzgerald

    Kate Fitzgerald Cast

  40. Photo of Jason Hope

    Jason Hope Cast

  41. Photo of Justine Kerrigan

    Justine Kerrigan Cast

  42. Photo of Dean Sullivan

    Dean Sullivan Cast

  43. Photo of Annie Miles

    Annie Miles Cast

  44. Photo of Steven Pinner

    Steven Pinner Cast

  45. Photo of Mickey Starke

    Mickey Starke Cast

  46. Photo of Paula Frances

    Paula Frances Cast

  47. Photo of Gladys Ambrose

    Gladys Ambrose Cast

  48. Photo of Peter Christian

    Peter Christian Cast

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