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  1. Photo of Lee Doo-yong

    Lee Doo-yong Director

  2. Photo of Chee Do Hong

    Chee Do Hong Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bruce Lea

    Bruce Lea Cast

  4. Photo of Anthony Bronson

    Anthony Bronson Cast

  5. Photo of Deborah Chaplin

    Deborah Chaplin Cast

  6. Photo of Ahn Chang-bok

    Ahn Chang-bok Cinematography

  7. Photo of Albert Wong

    Albert Wong Cinematography

  8. Photo of Kim Hie-gab

    Kim Hie-gab Music

  9. Photo of Wong Kuei Yen

    Wong Kuei Yen Music

  10. Photo of Huang Chong

    Huang Chong Producer

  11. Photo of Kwak Jeong-hwan

    Kwak Jeong-hwan Producer

  12. Photo of Hyeon Dong-Chun

    Hyeon Dong-Chun Editing

  13. Photo of Lotus Leung

    Lotus Leung Editing