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  1. Photo of Alfred Weidenmann

    Alfred Weidenmann Director

  2. Photo of Thomas Mann

    Thomas Mann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harald Braun

    Harald Braun Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jacob Geis

    Jacob Geis Screenplay

  5. Photo of Erika Mann

    Erika Mann Screenplay

  6. Photo of Liselotte Pulver

    Liselotte Pulver Cast

  7. Photo of Hansjörg Felmy

    Hansjörg Felmy Cast

  8. Photo of Hanns Lothar

    Hanns Lothar Cast

  9. Photo of Lil Dagover

    Lil Dagover Cast

  10. Photo of Nadja Tiller

    Nadja Tiller Cast

  11. Photo of Werner Hinz

    Werner Hinz Cast

  12. Photo of Rudolf Platte

    Rudolf Platte Cast

  13. Photo of Günther Lüders

    Günther Lüders Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Graf

    Robert Graf Cast

  15. Photo of Wolfgang Wahl

    Wolfgang Wahl Cast

  16. Photo of Gustav Knuth

    Gustav Knuth Cast

  17. Photo of Joseph Offenbach

    Joseph Offenbach Cast

  18. Photo of Paul Hartmann

    Paul Hartmann Cast

  19. Photo of Hans Leibelt

    Hans Leibelt Cast

  20. Photo of Carsta Löck

    Carsta Löck Cast

  21. Photo of Ellen Roedler

    Ellen Roedler Cast

  22. Photo of Hela Gruel

    Hela Gruel Cast

  23. Photo of Maria Sebaldt

    Maria Sebaldt Cast

  24. Photo of Hans Paetsch

    Hans Paetsch Cast

  25. Photo of Horst Janson

    Horst Janson Cast

  26. Photo of Fritz Schmiedel

    Fritz Schmiedel Cast

  27. Photo of Karl Ludwig Lindt

    Karl Ludwig Lindt Cast

  28. Photo of Frank Freytag

    Frank Freytag Cast

  29. Photo of Walter Halden

    Walter Halden Cast

  30. Photo of Gustl Halenke

    Gustl Halenke Cast

  31. Photo of Günther Jerschke

    Günther Jerschke Cast

  32. Photo of Wilhelm Walter

    Wilhelm Walter Cast

  33. Photo of Ernst Brasch

    Ernst Brasch Cast

  34. Photo of Helga Feddersen

    Helga Feddersen Cast

  35. Photo of Friedl Behn-Grund

    Friedl Behn-Grund Cinematography

  36. Photo of Werner Eisbrenner

    Werner Eisbrenner Music

  37. Photo of Robert Herlth

    Robert Herlth Production Design

  38. Photo of Hans Abich

    Hans Abich Producer

  39. Photo of Eberhard Krause

    Eberhard Krause Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Caspar van den Berg

    Caspar van den Berg Editing

  41. Photo of Werner Schlagge

    Werner Schlagge Sound