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  1. Betty Jo Birkhahn-Rommelfanger's rating of the film Budrus

    I have not been able to see the film from around Chicago, IL. Let me know if you show it again.

  2. lor's rating of the film Budrus

    Great film. Thanks for showing the struggle how it really is. Joshua Richeson's comment about Israel is unnecessary and hinders the real message. The Jewish people are terrified about anti-semitism, still, and they have every right to be. It's even worse when it comes from non-Jewish Americans who are 'supposed' to be neutral allies.

  3. Julia's rating of the film Budrus

    This is Julia Bacha, Director & Producer of Budrus - I will be answering questions on twitter tonight from 7-10.30pm @justvisionmedia Join me there!

  4. Jake Emery Seymour's rating of the film Budrus

  5. Jerry Day's rating of the film Budrus

    What a tease -- I can't see it!

  6. Howard Orenstein's rating of the film Budrus

    While I agree with Joshua Richeson's opening thought, his ending is a bit hyperbolic. One can understand Israel's need to defend itself (it has been doing so since it became a nation), but its overreaching on the path of the separation wall invited a much more sane and effective tactic on the part of the Palestinians in Budrus. Nicely done, Julia!

  7. Jane Jamnik's rating of the film Budrus

    Looks great. Logging in, but still cannot view. Says access restricted. Congrats Julia on the film however. Would love to watch it

  8. jabezdawes's rating of the film Budrus

    I saw part of it, and it was great. When I came back today to finish it out, it was inaccessible, even for a fee.

  9. Gilberto's rating of the film Budrus

    Very powerful, inspirational, but most of all educational! LIKE 1000x's !!!!

  10. Brandon Isaacson's rating of the film Budrus

    Strong interesting doc about peaceful Palestinian protesting in the village Budrus. I heard about it from a Ted talk with filmmaker Julia Bacha which you can find here: Only issue is a few one sided points (which continue to misrepresent actions of the Israeli govt). I completely admit my bias as I'm a pro-Israel Jew (does NOT mean I support govt actions). 3.5/5