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  1. blkrchs's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  2. xer vokun's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Felt a powerful empathy for both characters, the bowling scene, when they first met and the ending, all left a both visceral and powerful impression. Would rewatch.

  3. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  4. spasmolytic's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Used to not like Gallo or this film, but have come around to understand that he's really awesome, and this film is one of the better American indie films in the canon.

  5. gld48's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  6. Andy's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66 is a film that stays with a person long after their first viewing. It's a film about a lonely man who kidnaps a young woman in order to impress his parent's whose only interest seems to be the Buffalo Bills. It's a film told by a man who seems to feel the same way his protagonist feels; frustrated with the way his life has turned out. Buffalo '66 is a film that is criminally underrated.

  7. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Buffalo '66

  8. Ramzi's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    The idea that Christina Ricci would go along with the scheme at the beginning is a stretch that the film doesn't quite make. Apart from that, very good indeed.

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Although it's odd and abrasive, much like the main characters, Buffalo '66 is also strangely watchable, and hides just enough sweetness in there to offset all of the nastier elements.

  10. Dickrichie's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    One of my all time favourite films. Just love the interaction and development of he characters. Beautiful.

  11. PFL's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    The confidence with which this film is made bursts off the screen. Constantly imaginative and unpredictable, director Gallo conjures up some memorably striking scenes in this story of a man's redemption through a chance encounter. As with "The Brown Bunny" the journey-like quality of the film's structure is quietly impressive and assured.

  12. dmol's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Heavenly awkward and deliciously dysfunctional - I've seen it so many times! Layla tap-dancing to King Crimson's "Moonchild" is a highlight; as is, finally, Billy Brown's obsession to get his love (the one he kept cursing and shoving around until then) a hot chocolate. True psychocandy.

  13. Stefano Leone's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    what ever happened to Vincent Gallo?

  14. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    'If you do this for me, I'm going to be your friend'. A rare creative experience, clearly influenced by the likes of Godard, directed by none other than a visionary. Shame it's only been downhill since.

  15. The Ceramicist's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Loved the self-conscious lack of continuity and the awkward camera shifts, but for a film so aesthetically profound, there should have been more meaning to take away. Definitely of its era (before girls speaking up for themselves got cool again). What is it about the 90s and deviant, narcissistic males with murderous fantasies who end up making good with the silent female icon at the last minute?

  16. karl's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    For the cinematography (5 star) and soundtrack (4 star). Story meh ... acting .... like fingernails on a chalkboard ...

  17. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    Underneath all that braggadocio, preening, control obsession and bullshit is just a vulnerable, awkward, repressed, messed up guy who wants to be loved. It's a far from unusual combination as Layla instantly recognises. It is also perfectly plausible for that juxtaposition to be resolved through flailing violence or swooning romance and a hot chocolate. The tap dancing in the bowling alley is right up there too.

  18. ughchenausea's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    le famiglie gettano le basi per sviluppare le psicosi durante la crescita

  19. stopyunn's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    "I dont care about you or your stupid hot chocolate"

  20. Drew.'s rating of the film Buffalo '66

  21. s77's rating of the film Buffalo '66

  22. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    What characters! A psychological thriller/comedy, relentlessly hilarious, bizarre and romantic. Unforgettable experience.

  23. João Portalegre's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    the ending felt somewhat out of place, but, oh, was this ever so lovely.

  24. Levi Miah's rating of the film Buffalo '66

    On the basis that this film could possibly be a satirical black comedy of a 70s sexploitation thriller, with Ricci playing a woman with deep stockholm syndrome after a traumatic and sudden kidnapping and Gallo playing a misogynistic psychopath with delusions of grandeur, then it's brilliant. Otherwise - it's misogynistic self gratifying bullshit with, undeniably, one of the most beautiful colour palettes in film.

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