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  1. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Buffalo Boy

  2. Nguyen Thai Vi's rating of the film Buffalo Boy

    His next film "Khi yeu dung quay dau lai" (Don't look back when you are in love, 2009) is a disaster. It proved Nguyen Vo Nghiem MInh even didn't know how to make a flim. "Mua len trau" (Buffalo Boy) was good only because it was adapted from a short story of a famous Vietnames writer. Stay away from his new film, please!

  3. Aaken's rating of the film Buffalo Boy

    A very promising debut feature. It may deal (again) with the Vietnam of the 40's, but it is raw, beautifully shot, with a naturalistic approach which avoids all the cliches and postcard notions of the Vietnam of yore. Can't wait to see the next film!