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  1. EdieEmm's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    So well-directed! Tight; like a performer who nails it that night. Super consistent - has this clear, distinct tone that lets you into its joke, its world-view; even as the joke is a (good-natured!) fuck you, on behalf of its subjects, all wrapped up in their personalities... My favourite movies love their subjects for all that they are. This does that unabashedly. Much fun. (And, gah! That face tattoo like a champ!)

  2. lucisand's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    a long sequence of disturbing photographs, a horror movie without blood. chaotic and ugly, but at the same time beautiful and captivating. it would be interesting to see more, and hear them speak.

  3. yaxpac's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Exquisitas imágenes con movimiento llenas de emoción quinésica pero no facial envuelta con una composición que atrapa mostrando situaciones con tabú (en su mayoría). No es buena idea verla en el trabajo.

  4. María F. Guerrero's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Construyendo la cosmovisión juggalo

  5. Claudia Faraone's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Disappointing. I started watching it with all good intentions, maybe I was expecting too much or something different. Definetely not a celebration of nonsense and stupid actions but some more in-deep analysis and explanations (that can be given without any interviewes).

  6. guillermo's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    I can almost hear Slavoj Žižek saying: this is not a capitalism anomaly, nor a jump outside capitalism. By the contrary, this kind of phenomena is what keeps capitalism alive.

  7. sodonic's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Series of video portraits looking very staged and ends up looking a bit strange/uncomfortable.. but I guess that's what juggalos try to embody

  8. alexladedo's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Didn't really know about this subculture. What a beautiful short film regarding Juggalos. There were some unexpected scenes and really believe that this is quite a different documentary to what we are usually exposed to. Didn't even have to say a word to understand anything.

  9. DrFirestone's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    I'm not sure if the lack of dialogue or narration was a conscious choice, but by the looks of things it doesn't seem like the Juggalos would be in position to explain themselves coherently. I don't think this document really helps to understand or even introduce this subculture, unless it's about strange makeup and weird poses. There are a couple of interesting scenes and that's pretty much it...

  10. filmingilman's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Heavy on make up and glow-sticks, light on commentary. Like the much better "Our Daily Bread (2005)," this is offered without dialogue, narration, nor music. I can't decide which was more strange: the Juggalos themselves, or the hideous landscapes of Buffalo, NY.

  11. Francisco Ortega's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Confieso que al principio me vi tentado a no terminar de ver esta película porque empieza como un ciertamente aburrido muestrario de fans de ICP mirando a cámara. Pero a partir de los 10 minutos más o menos, la película se transforma por completo para mostrarnos una sucesión de escenas con más o menos acción, pero todas ellas perturbadoras y magníficas.

  12. TheOnomatopoeicMan's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    A photo book might have been as, if not more , effective than these moving vignettes. Music video for music I’m not interested in..

  13. Chemi's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    30 minutes. 30 shots. The director needs no more for an epic portrait of a suburban culture. Great!

  14. dionysus67's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Interesting insight into a weird subculture in Buffalo. The mute juggalos are maybe far more revealing than any testimonials would accomplish. Maybe too static at moments, it has the capacity to shock and stir both mind and senses.

  15. Tone Ottilie Frederiksen's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    This hypnotic visual poem draws you in, makes you fascinated, a little scared and leaves you not knowing for sure what the fuck you just watched.

  16. Marc of Toronto's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    I cannot figure it out. The Juggalos have a dress code more severe than a southern Italian catholic school, yet their self-image is one of complete liberty, community and support ... Good for them. But not good for this movie. The most boring oral sex scene on film (except for the smudged makeup, which is hilarious.)

  17. LibertyCapz's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    I have kind of a weak spot for nice symmetrical shots in movies, and this had a couple of nice ones. Not like Wes Anderson level shit, but still, pretty all right. Other than that I really enjoyed how they tried to convey something about ICP culture without any narration or anything, just pure visuals.

  18. glhrmefc's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    It looks more like a video portrait than documentary. Anyway, I liked the colors and photography.

  19. Cosma's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Is Juggalo culture a vivid example of a libertarian dilemma or is it just a bullshitting publicity stunt? Like this movie, is it a sterile displaying of style or is it a sterile displaying of style? I think it is - guess what - a sterile displaying of style, but in this case quite appropriated.

  20. Jason's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    I actually lack the cognitive flexibility to even situate my thinking remotely near a realm in which there could be a theoretical person I could posit who would not be in the market for an Ulrich Seidl-style Juggalo movie. And it seems clear to me what you do when you see the opportunity to put the words Buffalo and Juggalo together in the title for something: you take that bull by the goddamned horns.

  21. anarresti's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    If you can't walk a mile in someone's shoes, stare at them for at least half an hour. You'll recognize them, at least, as a tribe. You will acknowledge them. Their own mysteries. Their codes, their humanity. Pretty soon, what identified them, made them separate (from you) is no longer what you look to. You observe what makes them whole, their essence. - 2016 Fursonas came to mind, watching it, in a weird connection.

  22. Sofia Due Rosenzweig's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Beautifully shot Next level insanity Poetic as fuck

  23. Sergey Belov's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

  24. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Buffalo Juggalos

    Unsettling, haunting, uncanny. More video art than documentary or video essay. Ryan Trecartin? Neon demons?

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