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  1. Photo of Gregor Jordan

    Gregor Jordan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Eric Weiss

    Eric Weiss Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nora Maccoby

    Nora Maccoby Screenplay

  4. Photo of Robert O'Connor

    Robert O'Connor Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rainer Grupe

    Rainer Grupe Producer

  6. Photo of Reinhard Klooss

    Reinhard Klooss Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Ariane Moody

    Ariane Moody Producer

  8. Photo of James Schamus

    James Schamus Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Paul Webster

    Paul Webster Executive Producer

  10. Photo of David Holmes

    David Holmes Music

  11. Photo of Oliver Stapleton

    Oliver Stapleton Cinematography

  12. Photo of Lee Smith

    Lee Smith Editing

  13. Photo of Steven Jones-Evans

    Steven Jones-Evans Production Design

  14. Photo of Joaquin Phoenix

    Joaquin Phoenix Cast

  15. Photo of Ed Harris

    Ed Harris Cast

  16. Photo of Scott Glenn

    Scott Glenn Cast

  17. Photo of Anna Paquin

    Anna Paquin Cast

  18. Photo of Elizabeth McGovern

    Elizabeth McGovern Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Peña

    Michael Peña Cast

  20. Photo of Leon

    Leon Cast

  21. Photo of Gabriel Mann

    Gabriel Mann Cast

  22. Photo of Dean Stockwell

    Dean Stockwell Cast

  23. Photo of Brian Delate

    Brian Delate Cast

  24. Photo of Shiek Mahmud-Bey

    Shiek Mahmud-Bey Cast

  25. Photo of Idris Elba

    Idris Elba Cast

  26. Photo of Glenn Fitzgerald

    Glenn Fitzgerald Cast

  27. Photo of Lars Rudolph

    Lars Rudolph Cast