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  1. Photo of Otto Preminger

    Otto Preminger Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Merriam Modell

    Merriam Modell Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Mortimer

    John Mortimer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Penelope Mortimer

    Penelope Mortimer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Laurence Olivier

    Laurence Olivier Cast

  6. Photo of Carol Lynley

    Carol Lynley Cast

  7. Photo of Keir Dullea

    Keir Dullea Cast

  8. Photo of Martita Hunt

    Martita Hunt Cast

  9. Photo of Noël Coward

    Noël Coward Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Massey

    Anna Massey Cast

  11. Photo of Clive Revill

    Clive Revill Cast

  12. Photo of Finlay Currie

    Finlay Currie Cast

  13. Photo of Lucie Mannheim

    Lucie Mannheim Cast

  14. Photo of Adrienne Corri

    Adrienne Corri Cast

  15. Photo of Megs Jenkins

    Megs Jenkins Cast

  16. Photo of Delphi Lawrence

    Delphi Lawrence Cast

  17. Photo of Jill Melford

    Jill Melford Cast

  18. Photo of Suzanne Neve

    Suzanne Neve Cast

  19. Photo of Damaris Hayman

    Damaris Hayman Cast

  20. Photo of Denys N. Coop

    Denys N. Coop Cinematography

  21. Photo of Paul Glass

    Paul Glass Music

  22. Photo of Donald M. Ashton

    Donald M. Ashton Production Design

  23. Photo of Peter Thornton

    Peter Thornton Editing