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  1. Photo of Gerd Oswald

    Gerd Oswald Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Stanley Z. Cherry

    Stanley Z. Cherry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Coslough Johnson

    Coslough Johnson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Samuel Z. Arkoff

    Samuel Z. Arkoff Executive Producer

  5. Photo of James H. Nicholson

    James H. Nicholson Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Norman T. Herman

    Norman T. Herman Producer

  7. Photo of Loyal Griggs

    Loyal Griggs Cinematography

  8. Photo of John M. Stephens

    John M. Stephens Cinematography

  9. Photo of Fred R. Feitshans Jr.

    Fred R. Feitshans Jr. Editing

  10. Photo of Bette Davis

    Bette Davis Cast

  11. Photo of Ernest Borgnine

    Ernest Borgnine Cast

  12. Photo of Jack Cassidy

    Jack Cassidy Cast

  13. Photo of Joan Delaney

    Joan Delaney Cast

  14. Photo of Jay Robinson

    Jay Robinson Cast

  15. Photo of John Astin

    John Astin Cast

  16. Photo of Reva Rose

    Reva Rose Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Foulk

    Robert Foulk Cast

  18. Photo of Brayden Linden

    Brayden Linden Cast

  19. Photo of Karen Mae Johnson

    Karen Mae Johnson Cast

  20. Photo of Francis R. Cody

    Francis R. Cody Cast

  21. Photo of Darra Lyn Tobin

    Darra Lyn Tobin Cast