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  1. pluviosity's rating of the film Bunraku

    it's easy to hate this movie, and yes, the visual and sound were edging into too gimmicky and just plainly annoying. But it's not vain like Sin City/Sucker Punch, and I really admired all the effort and fun in it. The writing actually not bad (I love the in-jokes), it's simple and finely acted. Beside..I think I got smitten with Josh Hartnett in this.

  2. Victoria L.'s rating of the film Bunraku

    Goodness! The cinematography was so stylish, it made me feel really curious as to why the plot and the casting were left so poor.

  3. DarthVader's rating of the film Bunraku

    “Her insan hayatı sever. Ama bazı insanlar onuru, hayattan daha fazla sever. Hele bu kişi bir Japonsa...”

  4. hiikaryli's rating of the film Bunraku

    Es bastante interesante la manera en la que usan la animación para las transiciones entre escenas que le hace dar un aspecto de cómic al mismo tiempo. Los movimientos de cámara en las escenas de acción están bastante bien utilizados, pues se puede sentir el movimiento como espectador. La paleta de colores es muy contrastada, uso de iluminación muy azul, violeta, amarilla y roja. Para darle mas vida y tonos.

  5. floresé's rating of the film Bunraku

    gackt is really nice to look at in some angles

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Bunraku

    Certainly ambitious but in the end just another brain dead hybrid of superior influences. Much like the 'mashup' applied to music this film weaves in elements of various genre and visual style unsuccessful in finding its own voice. McKidd quite good here with Hartnett more than serviceable but pretty much everyone else is cast adrift. Dialogue often hokey and cliched and even the action seems overly contained. Miss.

  7. Mic in Port's rating of the film Bunraku

    Highly disappointing; a film I had some vested interest in, but is so lacking in any kind of interesting story-telling or plotting that all of its vivid colors and sets come off as having as little life as the characters that populate it. There is almost no redemption to be had here in what is a bad movie full of childish fight scenes and amateur performances; a brain dead film dressed in an ill-fitting kimono.

  8. Mugino's rating of the film Bunraku

    The motivation to (re-)invent a new visual style is admirable but originality needs to apply to the story as well. In trying to be different, Moshe just ended up making more of the same old, same old.

  9. brown's rating of the film Bunraku

  10. Glim Ho's rating of the film Bunraku


  11. Beefy's rating of the film Bunraku

    Style to spare but nothing else to offer. Unoriginal, thin, overlong, and often silly.

  12. Louís Wisoczynski's rating of the film Bunraku

    Josh Hartnett amazing, but the movie is kind of boring.

  13. Hakan Karlidag's rating of the film Bunraku

    I didn't find what I have expected unfort. The concept and scenery is very well designed but the fight scenes includes lots of boring staff.