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  1. Photo of Lino Brocka

    Lino Brocka Director

  2. Photo of Jose Dalisay Jr.

    Jose Dalisay Jr. Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gabby Concepcion

    Gabby Concepcion Cast

  4. Photo of Amy Austria

    Amy Austria Cast

  5. Photo of Isabel Rivas

    Isabel Rivas Cast

  6. Photo of Rez Cortez

    Rez Cortez Cast

  7. Photo of Lillian Laing

    Lillian Laing Cast

  8. Photo of Louella

    Louella Cast

  9. Photo of Ike Lozada

    Ike Lozada Cast

  10. Photo of Elvira Manahan

    Elvira Manahan Cast

  11. Photo of German Moreno

    German Moreno Cast

  12. Photo of The Peta Kalinangan Ensemble

    The Peta Kalinangan Ensemble Cast

  13. Photo of Mitch Valdez

    Mitch Valdez Cast

  14. Photo of Johnny Wilson

    Johnny Wilson Cast

  15. Photo of Conrado Baltazar

    Conrado Baltazar Cinematography

  16. Photo of Rey Valera

    Rey Valera Music

  17. Photo of Joey Luna

    Joey Luna Production Design

  18. Photo of Augusto Salvador

    Augusto Salvador Editing