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  1. burning_chrome's rating of the film Buried

  2. Santiago Roditti's rating of the film Buried

  3. Setya Rahmah's rating of the film Buried

  4. smndvdcl's rating of the film Buried

    Like '12 Angry Men' and 'Locke', a perfect encapsulation of cinematic creative limitation with the use of a single-setting conceit. A sterling acting performance and a gripping development of narrative enigmas works wonders. It might be fairly mid-brow, but that doesn't negate its strong delivery.

  5. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Buried

    Does a very good job of making a 90 minute series of phone calls engaging and manages to film the inside of a box from every angle you can think of.

  6. James Mackin's rating of the film Buried

    One of Ryan Reynold's better performances, this is one of those films that only follows one person, in one situation, and other cast members are only heard on the phone, not seen. And Ryan Reynolds is a man who is buried alive.

  7. jonijtr's rating of the film Buried

  8. Thomas's rating of the film Buried

    A sweaty, claustrophobic suspense. Both ambitious and challenging in its self-imposed technical restraints, Cortés successfully manages to maintain tension throughout.

  9. EREN's rating of the film Buried

  10. twinpeaks's rating of the film Buried

    Most boring shit I've ever seen.

  11. chanandre's rating of the film Buried

    The Birds meets Rope meets sandy-chokey despair. Reynold's finest acting performance?'sho!We're heavy breathing since minute one with him & that final call 'sorry but he led us to..." is so soul-crushing i didn't even have the time to fill my tear ducts as Cortés allowed no sentimentality and as Lang once did, cut it clean off, with that abrutp ending.Unforgettable and scary.And a brilliant top-notch script to boot.

  12. courtneylesueur's rating of the film Buried

    3.5 | Claustrophobic seems to be the magic word. There's no better way to describe it. I was quite impressed. The fact that it takes place entirely inside the coffin heightens the intensity and, as has been pointed out, the claustrophobia, but the ending was such a bummer in a very desperate way that made my insides hurt.

  13. Ash's rating of the film Buried

    All the claustrophobia you can handle and a surprisingly tolerable Ryan Reynolds, who, believe it or not, doesn't need to show us his abs as he navigates a coffin for an hour and a half. Armed with nothing more than a cellphone, knife, and lighter, Reynolds is able to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with his high-energy performance. We are thrust into the film; forced to endure the fear, panic, & stress.

  14. Susana Bessa's rating of the film Buried

    Claustrophobic. Nerve-wracking. Who knew Ryan Reynolds was such a fine actor?

  15. Vickie Retallick's rating of the film Buried

    Simple premise, haunting towards the end

  16. glerbone's rating of the film Buried

    I think it's better to watch at home, in the cinema all the space confused me;D

  17. The Criterion Cast's rating of the film Buried

    We were able to catch the screening this past week at Sundance, here is Rudie's review of Buried:

  18. rado's rating of the film Buried

    I dig this as a companion piece to "Source Code".

  19. hlkneedler's rating of the film Buried

    Another brilliantly simple genre construction. This time the conceit being one actor, one location: buried alive for 90 minutes. And from that stark exercise, there story goes to many many places. Lots of plot twists, most of the fun is starting out completely in the dark (so to speak)

  20. NetaGrizzly's rating of the film Buried

    An entertaining thrill ride with a career performance for Ryan Reynolds. The ending will give you chills.

  21. Bizy's rating of the film Buried

    this guy having his lighter lighted all the time really pissed me off. so dumb

  22. pat tuna's rating of the film Buried

    peccato perchè l'idea di cinema monoattore mi va a pennello, alla fine però questo è solo un torture porn ai minimi termini senza nudo, un'altra ora e mezza buttata in nome del cinema per sottosviluppati

  23. antler's rating of the film Buried

  24. Emma Joye's rating of the film Buried

    The complete movie was only alright but I had NOT expected that ending.. I'm still chilled by it.

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