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  1. Photo of Steven Antin

    Steven Antin Director

  2. Photo of Steven Antin

    Steven Antin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Susannah Grant

    Susannah Grant Screenplay

  4. Photo of Keith Merryman

    Keith Merryman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dana Belcastro

    Dana Belcastro Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Donald De Line

    Donald De Line Producer

  7. Photo of Stacy Cramer

    Stacy Cramer Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Glenn S. Gainor

    Glenn S. Gainor Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Bojan Bazelli

    Bojan Bazelli Cinematography

  10. Photo of Virginia Katz

    Virginia Katz Editing

  11. Photo of Jon Gary Steele

    Jon Gary Steele Production Design

  12. Photo of David MacMillan

    David MacMillan Sound

  13. Photo of Christina Aguilera

    Christina Aguilera Cast

  14. Photo of Cher

    Cher Cast

  15. Photo of Cam Gigandet

    Cam Gigandet Cast

  16. Photo of Kristen Bell

    Kristen Bell Cast

  17. Photo of Stanley Tucci

    Stanley Tucci Cast

  18. Photo of Alan Cumming

    Alan Cumming Cast

  19. Photo of Eric Dane

    Eric Dane Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Gallagher

    Peter Gallagher Cast

  21. Photo of Julianne Hough

    Julianne Hough Cast

  22. Photo of Tanee McCall

    Tanee McCall Cast

  23. Photo of David Walton

    David Walton Cast

  24. Photo of Black Thomas

    Black Thomas Cast

  25. Photo of Dianna Agron

    Dianna Agron Cast

  26. Photo of Terrence Jenkins

    Terrence Jenkins Cast