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  1. Photo of Kuo Zheng

    Kuo Zheng Director, Editing Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Sun Yang

    Sun Yang Director, Executive Producer Music

  3. Photo of Theng Kuo

    Theng Kuo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ma Baojun

    Ma Baojun Cast

  5. Photo of Lipstick Chan

    Lipstick Chan Cast

  6. Photo of Liu Chao

    Liu Chao Cast

  7. Photo of Luo Di

    Luo Di Cast

  8. Photo of Li Haoyu

    Li Haoyu Cast

  9. Photo of Gong Lei

    Gong Lei Cast

  10. Photo of Shen Qiang

    Shen Qiang Cast

  11. Photo of Yang Shicong

    Yang Shicong Cast

  12. Photo of Feng Shuo

    Feng Shuo Cast

  13. Photo of Tong Tong

    Tong Tong Cast

  14. Photo of Jiang Xi

    Jiang Xi Cast

  15. Photo of Tian Xiang

    Tian Xiang Cast

  16. Photo of Yi Hu

    Yi Hu Cast

  17. Photo of Wang Hongwei

    Wang Hongwei Producer and Cast

  18. Photo of Sun Ning

    Sun Ning Producer

  19. Photo of Zhang Yubai

    Zhang Yubai Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Chow Keung

    Chow Keung Editing

  21. Photo of Yu Xiaochuan

    Yu Xiaochuan Editing

  22. Photo of Zahng Yifan

    Zahng Yifan Editing