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  1. Photo of Ian Dury

    Ian Dury Cast

  2. Photo of Gerhard Garbers

    Gerhard Garbers Cast

  3. Photo of Christiane Carstens

    Christiane Carstens Cast

  4. Photo of Jennifer Susan Hibbert

    Jennifer Susan Hibbert Cast

  5. Photo of Helmut Düsterhöft

    Helmut Düsterhöft Cast

  6. Photo of Hans Kahlert

    Hans Kahlert Cast

  7. Photo of David Eeles

    David Eeles Cast

  8. Photo of Gerhard Hartig

    Gerhard Hartig Cast

  9. Photo of Friedrich Zimmer

    Friedrich Zimmer Cast

  10. Photo of Raoul Coutard

    Raoul Coutard Cinematography

  11. Photo of Horst Mühlbradt

    Horst Mühlbradt Music

  12. Photo of Christian Bussmann

    Christian Bussmann Production Design

  13. Photo of Jan-Michael Brandt

    Jan-Michael Brandt Producer

  14. Photo of Pia Frankenberg

    Pia Frankenberg Producer, Director, Screenplay Cast

  15. Photo of Bettina Böhler

    Bettina Böhler Editing

  16. Photo of Wolfgang Schukrafft

    Wolfgang Schukrafft Sound