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  1. Photo of Alberto Caviglia

    Alberto Caviglia Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Benedetta Grasso

    Benedetta Grasso Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paolo Cosseddu

    Paolo Cosseddu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Andrea Locatelli

    Andrea Locatelli Cinematography

  5. Photo of Gianni Vezzosi

    Gianni Vezzosi Editing

  6. Photo of Davide Giordano

    Davide Giordano Cast

  7. Photo of Anna Ferruzzo

    Anna Ferruzzo Cast

  8. Photo of Bianca Nappi

    Bianca Nappi Cast

  9. Photo of Mimosa Campironi

    Mimosa Campironi Cast

  10. Photo of Lorenza Indovina

    Lorenza Indovina Cast

  11. Photo of Omero Antonutti

    Omero Antonutti Cast

  12. Photo of Alberto Di Stasio

    Alberto Di Stasio Cast

  13. Photo of Niccolò Senni

    Niccolò Senni Cast

  14. Photo of Massimo De Lorenzo

    Massimo De Lorenzo Cast

  15. Photo of Massimiliano Gallo

    Massimiliano Gallo Cast

  16. Photo of Vinicio Marchioni

    Vinicio Marchioni Cast

  17. Photo of Margherita Buy

    Margherita Buy Cast

  18. Photo of Carolina Crescentini

    Carolina Crescentini Cast

  19. Photo of Francesco Pannofino

    Francesco Pannofino Cast

  20. Photo of Paola Minaccioni

    Paola Minaccioni Cast

  21. Photo of Marco Ripoldi

    Marco Ripoldi Cast

  22. Photo of Francesco Russo

    Francesco Russo Cast

  23. Photo of Josafat Vagni

    Josafat Vagni Cast

  24. Photo of Antonio Zavatteri

    Antonio Zavatteri Cast