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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Cláudio Martins da Silva Alves's rating of the film Burning Love

    Why should someone try to create a mockumentary when they clearly do not possess the ability or intelligence to follow its rules, limitations and intrinsic peculiarities? It tries very hard to be a cutting satire, but its constant use of complete absurdism and crude, farcical comedy, eventually dull its edges, resulting in a film that thinks itself much more challenging than it actually is.

  2. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Burning Love

    It overstays its welcome a bit as the one-note motif loses the initial hilarity, but Burning Love is a very funny film, even more because of the mockumentary format than the satire. Everyone is fairly mocked, from boyscouts to skinheads, to Greece to Lars von Trier(!) to Islam to conspiracy theorists. Making fun of things is how you disarm them. ||| 8 1/2 Festa do Cinema Italiano Lisboa '16