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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jalise's rating of the film Bush Mama

    I've never felt so connected to a protagonist.

  2. El Biffo's rating of the film Bush Mama

    This needs to be seen by a larger audience! It doesn't appear that many people have seen it, or are able to see it, and it is as relevant now as when it was made. Maybe MUBI will showcase this important film maker?

  3. Den-Leroy Kangalee's rating of the film Bush Mama

    Although his masterpiece, in my opinion, might be "Ashes & Embers," this brilliant, absorbing, harrowing, and no-holds-barred movie comes close. Haile Gerima makes films like Robert Kramer did: ones that explode and don't feel bashful about their emotion and political ideas. Sweaty, intense, and bold. Loved every minute of it. See Gerima's recent "Teza."

  4. Justin Vicari's rating of the film Bush Mama

    In this era of The Butler, everyone should seek out and see this film because it proves that artists were once well beyond where they are today. Not that this gritty street-theater ever came within a field holler of the Oscars or even national distribution (as far as I know). But it is the real thing, unvarnished, unflinching, and utterly transformative if you come to it with an open heart/mind.

  5. Ruia's rating of the film Bush Mama

    "The rope was replaced by the electric chair, the electric chair by the gas chamber, and the gas chamber by the firing squads of the boulevards of America!" amazing.

  6. Samuel B. Prime's rating of the film Bush Mama

    Devastating and beautiful. What more can I say about this?