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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Busting

    >>> Une oeuvre moyenne, d'un réalisateur à l'inspiration moyenne .....

  2. El Biffo's rating of the film Busting

    Forgotten gem of 1970's New Hollywood now on BluRay. Elliot Gould at his peak Elliot Gouldness; he made this inbetween The Long Goodbye and California Split. Legendary 70's character actor Allen Garfield (Putney Swope, The Conversation) is a perfect badguy and there's an appearance by Antonio Fargas ("Huggy Bear" from TV's Starsky & Hutch). Robert Blake costars in the role he parlayed into "Baretta" a year later.

  3. Ari's rating of the film Busting

    Generic and implausible plot notwithstanding, pure seventies cinema goodness. Nicely captures post hippie burnout and 70s US urban blight. Plus Elliott Gould, playing up his incessantly gum-chewing casualness, is pure gold.

  4. roujin's rating of the film Busting

    Elliot Gould and Robert Blake playing burned out badass cops. It's as good as that sounds. The film's final freeze frame (coupled with the voice over) is a thing of beauty.