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  1. Photo of Bozena Fedorczyk

    Bozena Fedorczyk Cast

  2. Photo of Grażyna Michalska

    Grażyna Michalska Cast

  3. Photo of Roman Mosior

    Roman Mosior Cast

  4. Photo of Piotr Szczerkowski

    Piotr Szczerkowski Cast

  5. Photo of Bogdan Izdebski

    Bogdan Izdebski Cast

  6. Photo of Krzysztof Sierocki

    Krzysztof Sierocki Cast

  7. Photo of Andrzej Boczula

    Andrzej Boczula Cast

  8. Photo of Ilona Stawinska

    Ilona Stawinska Cast

  9. Photo of Mieczysław Czechowicz

    Mieczysław Czechowicz Cast

  10. Photo of Jolanta Bohdal

    Jolanta Bohdal Cast

  11. Photo of Janusz Nasfeter

    Janusz Nasfeter Cast and Director

  12. Photo of Tadeusz Schmidt

    Tadeusz Schmidt Cast

  13. Photo of Irena Chorynska

    Irena Chorynska Editing