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  1. Photo of Amy Rice

    Amy Rice Director

  2. Photo of Alicia Sams

    Alicia Sams Director

  3. Photo of Bristol Braughan

    Bristol Braughan Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Deric Margolis

    Deric Margolis Executive Producer

  5. Photo of D.J. Martin

    D.J. Martin Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Audrey Rosenberg

    Audrey Rosenberg Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Edward Norton

    Edward Norton Producer

  8. Photo of Barack Obama

    Barack Obama Cast

  9. Photo of Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Gibbs

    Robert Gibbs Cast

  11. Photo of David Plouffe

    David Plouffe Cast

  12. Photo of Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton Cast

  13. Photo of Arielle Amsalem

    Arielle Amsalem Editing

  14. Photo of Geeta Gandbhir

    Geeta Gandbhir Editing

  15. Photo of Samuel D. Pollard

    Samuel D. Pollard Editing

  16. Photo of Craig Wedren

    Craig Wedren Music

  17. Photo of Benjamin Goldhirsh

    Benjamin Goldhirsh Producer

  18. Photo of Bill Migliore

    Bill Migliore Producer

  19. Photo of Dan O'Meara

    Dan O'Meara Producer

  20. Photo of Chris Romano

    Chris Romano Producer