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  1. Photo of Brian Farnham

    Brian Farnham Director

  2. Photo of Henry Herbert

    Henry Herbert Director

  3. Photo of Michael Custance

    Michael Custance Director

  4. Photo of Diarmuid Lawrence

    Diarmuid Lawrence Director

  5. Photo of Jeremy Paul

    Jeremy Paul Screenplay

  6. Photo of Alfred Shaughnessy

    Alfred Shaughnessy Screenplay

  7. Photo of Alexander Baron

    Alexander Baron Screenplay

  8. Photo of Carey Harrison

    Carey Harrison Screenplay

  9. Photo of Julian Glover

    Julian Glover Cast

  10. Photo of Jeremy Clyde

    Jeremy Clyde Cast

  11. Photo of Sharon Maughan

    Sharon Maughan Cast

  12. Photo of Lucy Aston

    Lucy Aston Cast

  13. Photo of Tim Bentinck

    Tim Bentinck Cast

  14. Photo of Judy Buxton

    Judy Buxton Cast

  15. Photo of Rob Edwards

    Rob Edwards Cast

  16. Photo of Rosalie Crutchley

    Rosalie Crutchley Cast

  17. Photo of Edward Peel

    Edward Peel Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Kay

    Charles Kay Cast

  19. Photo of Malcolm Stoddard

    Malcolm Stoddard Cast

  20. Photo of Simon Dutton

    Simon Dutton Cast

  21. Photo of Janet Lees Price

    Janet Lees Price Cast

  22. Photo of David Collings

    David Collings Cast

  23. Photo of Gareth Thomas

    Gareth Thomas Cast

  24. Photo of Robert Stephens

    Robert Stephens Cast

  25. Photo of Christopher Neame

    Christopher Neame Cast

  26. Photo of John Woodvine

    John Woodvine Cast

  27. Photo of Peter Jeffrey

    Peter Jeffrey Cast

  28. Photo of Eileen Way

    Eileen Way Cast

  29. Photo of Joanna McCallum

    Joanna McCallum Cast

  30. Photo of Mark Burns

    Mark Burns Cast

  31. Photo of Ken Howard

    Ken Howard Music

  32. Photo of Alan Blaikley

    Alan Blaikley Music

  33. Photo of Chris Pemsel

    Chris Pemsel Production Design

  34. Photo of Ken Sharp

    Ken Sharp Production Design

  35. Photo of Roger Cann

    Roger Cann Production Design

  36. Photo of Donal Woods

    Donal Woods Production Design

  37. Photo of George Kyriakides

    George Kyriakides Production Design

  38. Photo of Brian Spiby

    Brian Spiby Producer

  39. Photo of John Hawkesworth

    John Hawkesworth Executive Producer and Screenplay