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  1. Photo of Michel Deville

    Michel Deville Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nina Companéez

    Nina Companéez Screenplay and Editing

  3. Photo of Ewa Swann

    Ewa Swann Cast

  4. Photo of Philippe Avron

    Philippe Avron Cast

  5. Photo of Bruno Cremer

    Bruno Cremer Cast

  6. Photo of Alexandra Stewart

    Alexandra Stewart Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Duchaussoy

    Michel Duchaussoy Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Destoop

    Jacques Destoop Cast

  9. Photo of Anny Duperey

    Anny Duperey Cast

  10. Photo of Yves Brainville

    Yves Brainville Cast

  11. Photo of Jean Eskenazi

    Jean Eskenazi Cast

  12. Photo of Gérard Desarthe

    Gérard Desarthe Cast

  13. Photo of Anne Talbot

    Anne Talbot Cast

  14. Photo of Daniel Sarky

    Daniel Sarky Cast

  15. Photo of Jean-Pierre Sentier

    Jean-Pierre Sentier Cast

  16. Photo of Yan Brian

    Yan Brian Cast

  17. Photo of Pascal Aubier

    Pascal Aubier Cast

  18. Photo of Marlène Rick

    Marlène Rick Cast

  19. Photo of Johanna Maniez

    Johanna Maniez Cast

  20. Photo of Stefany Drobner

    Stefany Drobner Cast

  21. Photo of Claude Lecomte

    Claude Lecomte Cinematography

  22. Photo of Jean-Jacques Debout

    Jean-Jacques Debout Music

  23. Photo of Claude Pignot

    Claude Pignot Production Design

  24. Photo of Mag Bodard

    Mag Bodard Producer

  25. Photo of André Hervée

    André Hervée Sound