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  1. Photo of Vincente Minnelli

    Vincente Minnelli Director

  2. Photo of Busby Berkeley

    Busby Berkeley Director

  3. Photo of Arthur Freed

    Arthur Freed Producer

  4. Photo of Joseph Schrank

    Joseph Schrank Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marc Connelly

    Marc Connelly Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lynn Root

    Lynn Root Screenplay

  7. Photo of Sidney Wagner

    Sidney Wagner Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ethel Waters

    Ethel Waters Cast

  9. Photo of Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson

    Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson Cast

  10. Photo of Lena Horne

    Lena Horne Cast

  11. Photo of Louis Armstrong

    Louis Armstrong Cast

  12. Photo of Rex Ingram

    Rex Ingram Cast

  13. Photo of Kenneth Spencer

    Kenneth Spencer Cast

  14. Photo of John William Sublett

    John William Sublett Cast

  15. Photo of Oscar Polk

    Oscar Polk Cast

  16. Photo of Mantan Moreland

    Mantan Moreland Cast

  17. Photo of Willie Best

    Willie Best Cast

  18. Photo of Fletcher Rivers

    Fletcher Rivers Cast

  19. Photo of Leon James Poke

    Leon James Poke Cast

  20. Photo of Ford Washington Lee

    Ford Washington Lee Cast

  21. Photo of Butterfly McQueen

    Butterfly McQueen Cast

  22. Photo of Ruby Dandridge

    Ruby Dandridge Cast

  23. Photo of Nick Stewart

    Nick Stewart Cast

  24. Photo of Duke Ellington

    Duke Ellington Cast

  25. Photo of Ernest Whitman

    Ernest Whitman Cast

  26. Photo of Harold F. Kress

    Harold F. Kress Editing

  27. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  28. Photo of Leonid Vasian

    Leonid Vasian Production Design

  29. Photo of Vernon Duke

    Vernon Duke Music

  30. Photo of William Steinkamp

    William Steinkamp Sound

  31. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound

  32. Photo of Irene

    Irene Costume Design

  33. Photo of Howard Shoup

    Howard Shoup Costume Design

  34. Photo of Gile Steele

    Gile Steele Costume Design

  35. Photo of Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey Cast