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  1. lou.'s rating of the film Cabiria

  2. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Cabiria

    Large in scale but a bit lacking otherwise. A must-watch for film historians only.

  3. Royce Jr.'s rating of the film Cabiria

  4. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Cabiria

    Un péplum con una puesta en escena magnánima que nada tiene que envidiar a una película como "Intolerancia". Patrone narra la odisea de dos romanos en busca de una princesa como excusa para retratar un evento histórico. Claro que como todo relato de dedillo histórico puede ser algo tedioso, especialmente si hay muchos personajes y eventos dentro del mismo.

  5. nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film Cabiria

    Before Cecil B DeMille,before DW Griffith, even before Hollywood. There existed a thriving European Film Industry,which included Italian films like "The Last Days Of Pompeii" and "Quo Vadis"(both 1913).Then a year later Giovanni Pastrone directed "Cabiria",the film that was to define the epic movie and influence Griffith's " Intolerance "(1916) and many other film makers to come.Not an easy watch today,but important

  6. suede's rating of the film Cabiria

    7/10. Amazingly early and opulent sandal epic. How much in cinema goes back to this? Too bad the story, with its many names and plot convolutions, is impossible to follow upon first viewing. The acting is often ahead of its time: Sophonisba aside, few histrionics are on display. Fulvio Axilla and Maciste truly loveable! Pagano as Maciste may be cinema's first action hero. Did Milius get the 'Conan wheel' idea here?

  7. THORIVOS's rating of the film Cabiria

    Absolutely essential, very influental movie at its time. It set the stage for monumental movies - Fritz Lang was clearly a fan this.

  8. DVC's rating of the film Cabiria

    Hacer algo así en 1914 tiene un mérito enorme. Impresionantes las escenas del templo de Moloch, precursoras de las de la historia egipcia de Intolerancia. Obra clave de la historia del cine

  9. El Biffo's rating of the film Cabiria

    Cinema of the Spectacle grows up! This is what a big-budget epic historical extravaganza looked like 100 years ago, and it set the standard for every spectacular historical epic film that ever followed. The acting is a bit melodramatic, even choppy, but I can't imagine that audiences cared in 1914, I'm sure that they were blown away by the overwhelming sets, images, and production. An astounding achievement.

  10. Loris De Santis's rating of the film Cabiria

    Ottimo uso della luce, scenografie imponenti e curatissime, ma tanta, tanta, tanta noia!

  11. TFCHooligan69's rating of the film Cabiria

    A stunning achievement given the time period. Visually impressive. Perhaps Cabiria influenced Fritz Lang somewhat in the creation of Metropolis.

  12. Andrei Rus's rating of the film Cabiria

    This paved the way not only for the mainstream epic films, but also for the occultism of the underground filmmakers, like Kenneth Anger, Ken Jacobs, or Jack Smith. It's really an impressive work.

  13. Vlad's rating of the film Cabiria

    Light and shadow make war on the celluloid battlefield

  14. Jugend21's rating of the film Cabiria

    never boring yes, it's all about spectacle... but it's AWESOME spectacle!

  15. Algitya's rating of the film Cabiria

    Epic Tale of a time with Epic Scale in a traditional method.

  16. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Cabiria

    Complexity and long intertitles abound in this dated but magnificent epic (in every sense of the word).

  17. francisca bacon's rating of the film Cabiria

    this is huge! in all aspects