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  1. Photo of George Bernard Shaw

    George Bernard Shaw Screenplay

  2. Photo of Vivien Leigh

    Vivien Leigh Cast

  3. Photo of Claude Rains

    Claude Rains Cast

  4. Photo of Stewart Granger

    Stewart Granger Cast

  5. Photo of Francis L. Sullivan

    Francis L. Sullivan Cast

  6. Photo of Basil Sydney

    Basil Sydney Cast

  7. Photo of Gabriel Pascal

    Gabriel Pascal Producer and Director

  8. Photo of Jack Cardiff

    Jack Cardiff Cinematography

  9. Photo of Jack Hildyard

    Jack Hildyard Cinematography

  10. Photo of Robert Krasker

    Robert Krasker Cinematography

  11. Photo of Freddie Young

    Freddie Young Cinematography

  12. Photo of Frederick Wilson

    Frederick Wilson Editing

  13. Photo of Georges Auric

    Georges Auric Music

  14. Photo of John Bryan

    John Bryan Production Design

  15. Photo of Oliver Messel

    Oliver Messel Production Design

  16. Photo of Flora Robson

    Flora Robson Cast

  17. Photo of Cecil Parker

    Cecil Parker Cast

  18. Photo of Anthony Harvey

    Anthony Harvey Cast

  19. Photo of Ernest Thesiger

    Ernest Thesiger Cast

  20. Photo of Michael Rennie

    Michael Rennie Cast

  21. Photo of Esme Percy

    Esme Percy Cast

  22. Photo of J. Arthur Rank

    J. Arthur Rank Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Raymond Lovell

    Raymond Lovell Cast

  24. Photo of Anthony Eustrel

    Anthony Eustrel Cast

  25. Photo of Robert Adams

    Robert Adams Cast

  26. Photo of Stanley Holloway

    Stanley Holloway Cast

  27. Photo of Leo Genn

    Leo Genn Cast

  28. Photo of Felix Aylmer

    Felix Aylmer Cast

  29. Photo of Jean Simmons

    Jean Simmons Cast