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  1. Photo of Arpad DeRiso

    Arpad DeRiso Screenplay

  2. Photo of Giovanni Scolaro

    Giovanni Scolaro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gaio Giulio Cesare

    Gaio Giulio Cesare Novel

  4. Photo of Cameron Mitchell

    Cameron Mitchell Cast

  5. Photo of Rik Battaglia

    Rik Battaglia Cast

  6. Photo of Dominique Wilms

    Dominique Wilms Cast

  7. Photo of Ivica Pajer

    Ivica Pajer Cast

  8. Photo of Raffaella Carrà

    Raffaella Carrà Cast

  9. Photo of Carlo Tamberlani

    Carlo Tamberlani Cast

  10. Photo of Cesare Fantoni

    Cesare Fantoni Cast

  11. Photo of Giulio Donnini

    Giulio Donnini Cast

  12. Photo of Nerio Bernardi

    Nerio Bernardi Cast

  13. Photo of Carla Calò

    Carla Calò Cast

  14. Photo of Piero Palermini

    Piero Palermini Cast

  15. Photo of Bruno Tocci

    Bruno Tocci Cast

  16. Photo of Aldo Pini

    Aldo Pini Cast

  17. Photo of Lucia Randi

    Lucia Randi Cast

  18. Photo of Fedele Gentile

    Fedele Gentile Cast

  19. Photo of Enzo Petracca

    Enzo Petracca Cast

  20. Photo of Alberto Manetti

    Alberto Manetti Cast

  21. Photo of Romolo Garroni

    Romolo Garroni Cinematography

  22. Photo of Guido Robuschi

    Guido Robuschi Music

  23. Photo of Gian Stellari

    Gian Stellari Music

  24. Photo of Roberto Capitani

    Roberto Capitani Producer

  25. Photo of Luigi Mondello

    Luigi Mondello Producer

  26. Photo of René Thévenet

    René Thévenet Producer

  27. Photo of Tanio Boccia

    Tanio Boccia Editing and Director

  28. Photo of Alvaro Orsini

    Alvaro Orsini Sound

  29. Photo of Luigi Salvi

    Luigi Salvi Sound

  30. Photo of Maria Luisa Panaro

    Maria Luisa Panaro Costume Design

  31. Photo of Amedeo Mellone

    Amedeo Mellone Art Department