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  1. Photo of Jonathan Demme

    Jonathan Demme Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Juanita Brown

    Juanita Brown Cast

  3. Photo of Roberta Collins

    Roberta Collins Cast

  4. Photo of Erica Gavin

    Erica Gavin Cast

  5. Photo of Ella Reid

    Ella Reid Cast

  6. Photo of Cheryl Smith

    Cheryl Smith Cast

  7. Photo of Warren Miller

    Warren Miller Cast

  8. Photo of Barbara Steele

    Barbara Steele Cast

  9. Photo of Crystin Sinclaire

    Crystin Sinclaire Cast

  10. Photo of Mickey Fox

    Mickey Fox Cast

  11. Photo of Toby Carr Rafelson

    Toby Carr Rafelson Cast

  12. Photo of Irene Stokes

    Irene Stokes Cast

  13. Photo of Cynthia Songé

    Cynthia Songé Cast

  14. Photo of Carmen Argenziano

    Carmen Argenziano Cast

  15. Photo of John Aprea

    John Aprea Cast

  16. Photo of Leslie Otis

    Leslie Otis Cast

  17. Photo of Mike Shack

    Mike Shack Cast

  18. Photo of George Armitage

    George Armitage Cast

  19. Photo of Patrick Wright

    Patrick Wright Cast

  20. Photo of Joe Viola

    Joe Viola Cast

  21. Photo of Gary Littlejohn

    Gary Littlejohn Cast

  22. Photo of Tak Fujimoto

    Tak Fujimoto Cast and Cinematography

  23. Photo of John Cale

    John Cale Music

  24. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  25. Photo of Samuel W. Gelfman

    Samuel W. Gelfman Producer

  26. Photo of Evelyn Purcell

    Evelyn Purcell Producer

  27. Photo of Johanna Demetrakas

    Johanna Demetrakas Editing

  28. Photo of Michal Goldman

    Michal Goldman Editing

  29. Photo of Carolyn Hicks

    Carolyn Hicks Editing

  30. Photo of Alex Vanderkar

    Alex Vanderkar Sound

  31. Photo of Eric Thiermann

    Eric Thiermann Art Department

  32. Photo of Charles Spurgeon

    Charles Spurgeon Special Effects