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  1. Photo of Andrew V. McLaglen

    Andrew V. McLaglen Director

  2. Photo of Harry Julian Fink

    Harry Julian Fink Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rita M. Fink

    Rita M. Fink Screenplay

  4. Photo of Barney Slater

    Barney Slater Screenplay

  5. Photo of John Wayne

    John Wayne Cast

  6. Photo of George Kennedy

    George Kennedy Cast

  7. Photo of Gary Grimes

    Gary Grimes Cast

  8. Photo of Neville Brand

    Neville Brand Cast

  9. Photo of Clay O'Brien

    Clay O'Brien Cast

  10. Photo of Marie Windsor

    Marie Windsor Cast

  11. Photo of Morgan Paull

    Morgan Paull Cast

  12. Photo of Dan Vadis

    Dan Vadis Cast

  13. Photo of Royal Dano

    Royal Dano Cast

  14. Photo of Scott Walker

    Scott Walker Cast

  15. Photo of Denver Pyle

    Denver Pyle Cast

  16. Photo of Jackie Coogan

    Jackie Coogan Cast

  17. Photo of Harry Carey Jr.

    Harry Carey Jr. Cast

  18. Photo of Dan Kemp

    Dan Kemp Cast

  19. Photo of Rayford Barnes

    Rayford Barnes Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Fix

    Paul Fix Cast

  21. Photo of Joseph F. Biroc

    Joseph F. Biroc Cinematography

  22. Photo of Elmer Bernstein

    Elmer Bernstein Music

  23. Photo of Walter M. Simonds

    Walter M. Simonds Production Design

  24. Photo of Michael Wayne

    Michael Wayne Producer

  25. Photo of Robert L. Simpson

    Robert L. Simpson Editing