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  1. Photo of Lino Brocka

    Lino Brocka Director

  2. Photo of Ricardo Lee

    Ricardo Lee Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christopher de Leon

    Christopher de Leon Cast

  4. Photo of Phillip Salvador

    Phillip Salvador Cast

  5. Photo of Cecille Castillo

    Cecille Castillo Cast

  6. Photo of Carmi Martin

    Carmi Martin Cast

  7. Photo of Baby Delgado

    Baby Delgado Cast

  8. Photo of Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa Cast

  9. Photo of Ruel Vernal

    Ruel Vernal Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Sandico

    Michael Sandico Cast

  11. Photo of Conrado Baltazar

    Conrado Baltazar Cinematography

  12. Photo of Max Jocson

    Max Jocson Music

  13. Photo of Joey Luna

    Joey Luna Production Design

  14. Photo of A.C. De Guia

    A.C. De Guia Producer

  15. Photo of Ehmme Seven

    Ehmme Seven Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Efren Jarlego

    Efren Jarlego Editing

  17. Photo of Rudy Baldovino

    Rudy Baldovino Sound

  18. Photo of Willy Islao

    Willy Islao Sound